• Testimonials

    At Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation - Braintree Manor, our hard work and efforts are rewarded daily by the patients and residents we serve. Not only are we thanked in person on a regular basis, we receive countless letters, poems and artwork showing appreciation. This is an example of what we receive. To read more letters, please contact the admissions director.

    “When I first arrived at Kindred Braintree, I was in a semi-comatose condition for the first three months. I don’t remember anything from this period, but people have told me that I used to walk around the unit continually, stooped over, not allowing anyone to touch me and that I had trouble eating and drinking. Then one day, about a week before Thanksgiving, I woke up…

    "At first I needed to use a walker, but with the help of therapy staff, particularly Lydia, I am to walk with a cane, and am able to go long distances. I now have permission to leave the grounds, and I have walked as far as the library and back, a distance I believe to be about 2 miles.

    "I am in the CRE (Community Re-entry) program, and work two days a week in the coffee shop, taking orders from staff and residents, making bagels and other items. On Fridays we alternate between breakfast shop and sub-shop. I also have opportunity to cook, which I enjoy immensely.

    "Before I was in Kindred, I was in the hospital, and they had given me 4-6 weeks to live. In Kindred I was on comfort measures only. In other words they were only keeping me alive until I died. I credit my doctors, Dr. Ostrem and Dr. Lief for bringing me back. They adjusted my medications, and I believe by doing so, they saved my life. I owe additional thanks to Sami, the person in charge of Kindred Braintree, his second in command, Nessreen, and my social worker, Maureen, who makes medical appointments for me, and who is endeavoring to get me into assisted living, so that I may return to the real world. Dr. Ostrem has told me that as soon as I have a definite address to move to, I can go.

    "There are countless other people that I thank, too numerous to list. All I say is Thank-you Kindred Braintree, but it’s time to go home. “

     -- Steven S. (8/10/15)

    “My name is Lionell P. I was in a car accident about a year and ten months ago, so I am at Braintree Manor at 1102 Washington Street in Mass. I had all kinds of help to bring me back to good health and condition. I have been at the rehab center because I had a brain injury. I had speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy working on my memory, problem solving, reasoning, lifting weight, safety in the street, laundry, cooking and getting my abilities back. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Corine, Mr. Steve, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Lydia, Mrs. Nessreen and Mrs. Allison, they all helped bring my strength back. I owe them a lot. Dr. Ostrem was a big help too. So if you ever get hurt, I would recommend coming to Braintree Manor to get help and cure you. “

     -- Lionell P. (11/21/14)

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